Section: Highlights of the Year

Highlights of the Year

The paper [31], written by Giacomo Dimarco, Raphaël Loubère, Jacek Narski and Thomas Rey presents a new deterministic numerical scheme for the resolution of the full 7d Boltzmann equation. The scheme combines a robust and fast method for treating the transport part based on an innovative Lagrangian technique supplemented with fast spectral solvers to treat the collision operator. This approach along with several implementation features related to the parallelization of the algorithm permits to construct an efficient simulation tool which is numerically tested against exact and reference solutions on classical problems arising in rarefied gas dynamics.

Figure 1. Simulation of a space shuttle atmospheric reentry (pictures from [31])
IMG/T_tau-2_Boltz_0020.png IMG/T_tau-2_Boltz_0040.png IMG/Boltz_temp.png

The paper presents results up to the very challenging 3D×3D case for unsteady flows arising during a space shuttle atmospheric reentry (which was simulated in the deterministic case in the paper for the first time up to our knowledge), which may serve as benchmark for future comparisons between different numerical methods for solving the multidimensional Boltzmann equation. For this reason, the paper also provide for each problem studied details on the implementation, computational cost and memory consumption as well as comparisons with the more standard BGK model or the limit model of compressible Euler equations.