RITS - 2016
Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry
Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry

Creation of the Team: 2014 February 17, updated into Project-Team: 2015 July 01

Section: Members

Research Scientists

Fawzi Nashashibi [Team leader, Inria, Senior Researcher, HDR]

Guy Fayolle [Inria, Senior Researcher (emeritus)]

Jean-Marc Lasgouttes [Inria, Researcher]

Gérard Le Lann [Inria, Senior Researcher (emeritus)]

Vicente Milanés [Inria, Starting Research position, until Aug 2016]

Anne Verroust-Blondet [Inria, Researcher, HDR]


Azary Abboud [Inria, Expert Engineer, from Feb 2016]

Raoul de Charette [Inria, Expert Engineer]

Pierre Merdrignac [Inria, Expert Engineer, until Sep 2016]

Oyunchimeg Shagdar [Inria, Expert Engineer, part time until Aug 2016]

Ahmed Soua [Inria, Expert Engineer, from Apr 2016]

Thomas Streubel [Inria, Expert Engineer, from Feb 2016]

Armand Yvet [Inria]

PhD Students

Mohammad Abualhoul [Inria, Mines ParisTech]

Zayed Alsayed [VEDECOM, Télécom ParisTech]

Pierre de Beaucorps [Inria granted by Valéo Etudes Electroniques, UPMC]

Carlos Flores [Inria, Mines ParisTech]

Fernando Garrido Carpio [VEDECOM, Mines ParisTech]

David González Bautista [Inria, Mines ParisTech]

Mohamed Maddouri [Inria, Univ. Rouen, until Jan 2016]

Francisco Navas [Inria, Mines ParisTech]

Dinh-Van Nguyen [grant from the Ministry of National Education of Vietnam, Mines ParisTech]

Danut-Ovidiu Pop [Inria, Univ. Rouen, from Jun 2016]

Guillaume Trehard [Inria granted by Valéo Etudes Electroniques, Mines ParisTech, until Feb 2016]

Visiting Scientists

Aidos Ibrayev [Kazakh National University, PhD Student, until Jun 2016]

Sakriani Watiasri Sakti [NAIST Japan, Assistant professor, until Mar 2016]

Administrative Assistant

Chantal Chazelas [Inria]


Benjamin Boualam Murano [Min. de l'Education Nationale, student, until Apr 2016]

Rafael Colmenares Prieto [Inria, Engineering student, from Sep 2016]

Thierry Ernst [Yogoko, Research Engineer]

Aitor Gomez Torres [Inria, internship, from Sep 2016]

Juan Jose Larez Urdaneta [Inria, internship, from Aug 2016]

Pablo Marin Plaza [Inria, internship, from Sep 2016]

Kenneth Martinez Torres [Inria, internship, from Jun 2016 until Aug 2016]

Alexis Meyer [Inria, internship, from Mar 2016 until Sep 2016]

Daniel Sanchez Aranguren [Inria, internship, from Aug 2016]

Jose Emilio Traver Becerra [Inria, internship, until Jan 2016]

Myriam Vaca Recalde [Inria, internship, until Sep 2016]

Alfredo Valle Barrio [Inria, internship, from Sep 2016]

Itheri Yahiaoui [Univ. Reims, Assistant Professor]