Section: New Software and Platforms


Keywords: Live programmation objet - Reflective system

Functional Description

The platform Pharo is an open-source Smalltalk-inspired language and environment. It provides a platform for innovative development both in industry and research. By providing a stable and small core system, excellent developer tools, and maintained releases, Pharo's goal is to be a platform to build and deploy mission critical applications, while at the same time continue to evolve. In 2016, we released a new version Pharo (Pharo 5.0) completely revisited with fundamental changes in the VM (object representation, compiler, ...)

  • Participants: Marcus Denker, Damien Cassou, Stephane Ducasse, Esteban Lorenzano, Damien Pollet, Igor Stasenko, Camillo Bruni, Camille Teruel and Clement Bera

  • Partners: BetaNine - Debris publishing - École des Mines de Douai - HR Works - MAD - Pleiad - Sensus - Synectique - Université de Berne - Uqbar foundation Argentina - Vmware - Yesplan

  • Contact: Marcus Denker

  • URL: http://www.pharo.org