Section: Dissemination

Promoting Scientific Activities

Scientific Events Selection

Chair of Conference Program Committees
  • Anne Etien acted as Program chair for the following international events: IWST16 (International Worshop on SmallTalk Technologies) and VISSOFT 2016 (IEEE Working Conference on Software Visualization): NIER and Tool Track

  • Stéphane Ducasse acted as Program Chair for ESUG 2016.

Member of the Conference Program Committees
  • Stéphane Ducasse

    • International Conference 18th International Conference on Fundamental Approaches to Software Engineering (FASE) 2016.

    • For health reasons, I declined the PC participation to ICSE 2013, ECOOP 2013, ECOOP 2014, ECOOP 2015 (but I was the workshop chair) ECOOP 2016.

    • IWST'16 (International Worshop on SmallTalk Technologies).

  • Anne Etien

    • DChanges'16 (4th International Workshop on Document Changes: Modeling, Detection, Storage and Visualization);

    • ME'16 (10th Workshop on Models and Evolution);

    • Modelwards'16 (4th International Conference on Model-Driven Engineering and Software Development).

    • IWST'16 (International Worshop on SmallTalk Technologies).

  • Nicolas Anquetil

    • ICSOFT-EA'16 (11th International Conference on Software Technologies and Applications);

    • IWST'16 (International Worshop on SmallTalk Technologies).

  • Marcus Denker

    • SANER 2017 (23rd IEEE International Conference on Software Analysis, Evolution, and Reengineering)

    • Meta 2016 (International Workshop, SPLASH 16)

    • SLE 2016 (International Conference on Software Language Engineering)

    • DLS 2016 (Dynamic Languages Symposium at SPLASH)

    • IWST'16 (International Worshop on SmallTalk Technologies).

  • Clément Béra

    • ICOOOLPS'16 (11th Implementation, Compilation, Optimization of Object-Oriented Languages, Programs and Systems Workshop)

    • IWST'16 (International Worshop on SmallTalk Technologies).


Reviewer - Reviewing Activities
  • Anne Etien reviewed manuscripts for the Software Quality Journal

  • Nicolas Anquetil reviewed manuscripts for the ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology (TOSEM); Journal of Software: Evolution and Process (JSME); Computers & Operations Research (COR).

  • Stéphane Ducasse reviewed manuscripts for Information ; Journal of Software: Evolution and Process (JSME); Journal of Science of Computer Programming; Journal of Object Technologies (JOT).

  • Stéphane Ducasse and Marcus Denker are Moderators for arXiv cs.SE. http://arxiv.org/list/cs.SE/recent

Invited Talks

  • Stéphane Ducasse gave a presentation at CITI laboratory Lyon, Diverse Team seminar Inria Rennes, La Sorbonne

  • Clément Béra gave a presentation “Sista: Speculative inlining, Smalltalk-style”, with Eliot Miranda (Cadence Design Systems) at the Stanford EE Computer Systems Colloquium, Stanford University (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4Cvia-HZ-w).

Scientific Expertise

  • Anne Etien reviewed several proposals for Jeune Entreprise Innovante and Crédit Impôt Recherche;

  • Nicolas Anquetil acted as expert to evaluate project proposal for Fondo Nacional de Desarrollo Cientifico y Tecnologico (FONDECYT), Chile;

  • Marcus Denker reviewed a research proposal for FONDECYT (Chilean National Science and Technology Commission);

  • Damien Pollet reviewed projects proposal for NWO (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research) Veni grant proposal;

  • Stéphane Ducasse participated to FWO (Belgium) PhD grant panel;

  • Damien Cassou was a member of the Apps Togo jury, a contest from Ministry of Industry of Togo to encourage innovation in apps development (http://www.republicoftogo.com/Toutes-les-rubriques/Tech-Web/Voici-les-meilleures-applis-du-moment).