Creation of the Project-Team: 2012 January 01

Section: Members

Research Scientists

Christine Guillemot [Team leader, Inria, Senior Researcher, HDR]

Thomas Maugey [Inria, Researcher]

Aline Roumy [Inria, 80%, Researcher]

Faculty Member

Olivier Le Meur [Univ. Rennes I, Associate Professor, HDR]


Cedric Le Cam [Inria]

Mikael Le Pendu [Inria]

Xin Su [Inria]

PhD Students

Martin Alain [Technicolor, granted by CIFRE, until Mar 2016]

Jean Begaint [Technicolor, granted by CIFRE]

Pierre David [Inria, from Oct 2016]

Elian Dib [Inria, from Oct 2016]

Thierry Dumas [Inria]

Julio Cesar Ferreira [co-tutelle between the Univ. of Rennes 1 and the Univ. of Uberlandia, until July 2016]

David Gommelet [Cifre Ericsson, granted by CIFRE]

Fatma Hawary [Technicolor, granted by CIFRE]

Matthieu Hog [Technicolor, granted by CIFRE]

Hristina Hristova [Univ. Rennes I, also with FRVsense]

Dmitry Kuzovkin [Technicolor, granted by CIFRE, also with FRVSense]

Navid Mahmoudian Bidgoli [Inria, from Oct 2016]

Mira Rizkallah [Univ. Rennes I]

Maxime Rousselot [Harmonics, granted by CIFRE, also with FRVSense]

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Oriel Frigo [Inria, from Dec 2016]

Xiaoran Jiang [Inria]

Visiting Scientists

Reuben Farrugia [University of Malta, until Aug 2016]

Sheila S. Hemami [Univ. Rennes I, from May 2016 until Aug 2016]

Administrative Assistant

Huguette Bechu [Inria]