Creation of the Team: 2014 January 01
TACOMA ends in December 2016. Since September 2016, the team's composition has evolved including Jean-Marie Bonnin from Telecom Bretagne, and TACOMA addresses new applications domains (mobility, smart cities). The presentation of the research program in this report has been revised to reflect these recent evolutions. This expansion of the team's skill set will be helpful in the future to tackle, at different levels (sensors, network, software), architectural concerns that impairs the deployment of smarter environments.

Section: Members

Research Scientist

Paul Couderc [Inria, Researcher]

Faculty Members

Frédéric Weis [Team leader, Univ. Rennes I, Associate Professor, HDR]

Jean-Marie Bonnin [Telecom Bretagne, Professor, from Sept 2016, HDR]

Yoann Maurel [Univ. Rennes I, Associate Professor]


Michele Dominici [Univ. Rennes I]

Nebil Ben Mabrouk [Univ. Rennes I, until Jul 2016]

PhD Students

Adrien Capaine [OyaLight, granted by CIFRE]

Indra Ngurah [Telecom Bretagne, from May 2016]

Alexandre Rio [OKWIND, granted by CIFRE, from Oct 2016]

Liouane Zaineb [Co-tutelle Univ. Rennes 1 with Univ. Monastir]

Visiting Scientist

Christophe Couturier [Telecom Bretagne, from Sept 2016]

Administrative Assistant

Fabienne Cuyollaa [Inria]