Section: New Software and Platforms

ISO/IEC 15118-2 Open source Implementation

Keywords: Smart Grid - Intelligent Transport System

  • Partner: Telecom Bretagne

  • Contact: Jean-Marie Bonnin

Scientific Description

The ISO/IEC 15118 standard, named "Road vehicles ? Vehicle-to-Grid Communication Interface", defines how an electric vehicle and a charging station should communicate. It enables the Smart Charging of electric vehicles by allowing them to plan their charging sessions. As we want to be able to manage the charge of electric vehicles in our micro Smart Grid systems, we decided to implement the protocol defined by this standard. The goal is also to participate actively in the design of the new version of this protocol. During a charging session the charging station provides the vehicle with the status of the electric power grid. The vehicle is then able to plan its sharing session accordingly. It sends back its charge plan to the charging station, so that the Smart Grid is aware of it. The protocol also provides security and authentication features.

This software platform was implemented onto small PCs, and was used to control the charge in a small and portable demonstration platform, to demonstrate how it is possible to interconnect this high level decision and communication software with low level components, such as a Battery Management System (BMS), and a battery charger. In 2016, in the context of the Greenfeed project our software has been demonstrated to control the charge of the electric vehicle during the final demonstration of the project. The integration work has been done in collaboration with VeDeCom.