Creation of the Team: 2016 January 01

Section: Members

Research Scientists

Axel Legay [Team leader, Inria, Researcher, HDR]

Christian Grothoff [Inria, Advanced Research position]

Annelie Heuser [CNRS, Researcher, from Oct 2016]

Olivier Zendra [Inria, Researcher, from Sep 2016]

Faculty Members

Fabrizio Biondi [Supelec, Associate Professor Inria "Chaire Malware" since Nov 2016; was Inria Engineer before]

Jean-Louis Lanet [Univ. of Limoges, Professor, HDR]

Kim Larsen [Univ. of Aalborg, Professor, Inria "Chaire internationale", HDR]


Jeffrey Paul Burdges [Inria]

Francois-Renaud Escriva [DGA]

Ulrich Fahrenberg [Ecole Polytechnique, until Sep 2016]

Thomas Given-Wilson [Inria]

Sebastien Josse [DGA]

Colas Le Guernic [DGA]

Laurent Morin [Inria]

Van-Chan Ngo [Inria, until Feb 2016]

Jean Quilbeuf [Inria]

Sean Sedwards [Inria]

Marcello Stanisci [Inria]

Gabor Toth [Inria]

Louis-Marie Traonouez [Inria]

PhD Students

Sebanjila Bukasa [Inria]

Mounir Chadli [Algerian Embassy in France]

Olivier Decourbe [Inria, from Mar 2016]

Florian Dold [Inria]

Mihai Enescu [Inria, from Oct 2016]

Alvaro Garcia Recuero [Inria, until Oct 2016]

Alexandre Gonzalvez [Telecom Bretagne, from Apr 2016]

Nisrine Jafri [Inria]

Rokia Lamrani Alaoui [Inria, until Jun 2016]

Tristan Ninet [Thales, from Dec 2016, granted by CIFRE]

Aurelien Palisse [Inria]

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Ronan Lashermes [Inria, from Mar 2016]

Hélène Le Bouder [Inria]

Visiting Scientists

Razika Lounas [University of Boumerdès (Algeria), until Jun 2016]

Abdelhak Mesbah [University of Boumerdès (Algeria), Visiting PhD Student, from Apr 2016 until May 2016]

Noreddine El Janati El Idrissi [University of Rabat (Morrocco), Visiting PhD Student, from May 2016 until Jun 2016]

Administrative Assistant

Cecile Bouton [Inria]


Antoine Durand [University of Bordeaux, Master 1 Student, from Jun 2016 until Sep 2016]

Gregory Durand [University of Limoges, Master Student, from Mar 2016 until Aug 2016]

Christophe Genevey-Metat [University of Rennes 1, Master Student , from May 2016 until Jul 2016]

Marouan Sami [University of Limoges, Master 1 Student, from Jul 2016 until Aug 2016]