Section: New Software and Platforms


Keywords: Model Checking - Statistical - Model Checker - Runtime Analysis - Security - Code analysis - Statistics - Energy - Aeronautics

Scientific Description

Statistical model checking (SMC) is a fast emerging technology for industrial scale verification and optimisation problems. Plasma was conceived to have high performance and be extensible, using a proprietary virtual machine. Since SMC requires only an executable semantics and is not constrained by decidability, we can easily implement different modelling languages and logics.

Functional Description

PLASMA Lab is a compact, efficient and flexible platform for statistical model checking of stochastic models. PLASMA Lab demonstrates the following advances: -Use your own simulator and checker via our plugin system. -Build your software around Plasma Lab using our API. -Prism (Reactives Modules Language-RML) and Biological languages supported. -Matlab and SytemC plugins. -Distributed architecture. Whether you plan to use several computers on a local area network or a grid, you can run PLASMA Lab in an easy way. -Fast algorithms. -Efficient data structure, low memory consumption. -Developed with Java for compatibility.