Section: New Software and Platforms


Participants : Sever Adrian Hirstoaga, Michel Mehrenberger, Pierre Navaro, Laurent Navoret, Thi Trang Nhung Pham, Christophe Steiner.

Keywords: Plasma physics - Semi-Lagrangian method - PIC - Parallel computing - Plasma turbulence

Scientific Description

The objective of the Selalib project (SEmi-LAgrangian LIBrary) is to develop a well-designed, organized and documented library implementing several numerical methods for kinetic models of plasma physics. Its ultimate goal is to produce gyrokinetic simulations.

Another objective of the library is to provide to physicists easy-to-use gyrokinetic solvers, based on the semi-Lagrangian techniques developed by Eric Sonnendrücker and his collaborators in the past CALVI project. The new models and schemes from TONUS are also intended to be incorporated into Selalib.

Functional Description

Selalib is a collection of modules conceived to aid in the development of plasma physics simulations, particularly in the study of turbulence in fusion plasmas. Selalib offers basic capabilities from general and mathematical utilities and modules to aid in parallelization, up to pre-packaged simulations.

  • Partners: Max Planck Institute - Garching - IRMA, Université de Strasbourg - IRMAR, Université Rennes 1 - LJLL, Université Paris 6

  • Contact: Michel Mehrenberger

  • URL: http://selalib.gforge.inria.fr/