Section: New Software and Platforms


Participants : Antoine Affouard [contact] , Alexis Joly, Hervé Goëau.

URL: http://otmedia.lirmm.fr/

Smart’Flore is an Android mobile application for the discovery of the surrounding vegetal biodiversity. It has three main features: (i) the geo-based exploration of the world’s largest repository of biodiversity occurrences (GBIF, http://www.gbif.org/), (ii) the exploration of virtual botanical trails (created offline through a dedicated web application hosted by TelaBotanica NGO) and (iii) the access to a variety of information about the plants. Smart’Flore is the first mobile app in the world making use of the GBIF web services which makes it a remarkable and possibly highly visible realization. The first public version of the application was released in may 2016. Since then, it has been downloaded by more than 22K users and the daily number of sessions is about 250.