Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

International Initiatives


Title: MUltiSite Cloud (MUSIC) data management

Inria principal investigator: Esther Pacitti

International Partner):

  • Laboratorio Nacional de Computaçao Cientifica, Petropolis (Brazil) - Fabio Porto

  • Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) - Alvaro Coutinho and Marta Mattoso

  • Universidade Federal Fluminense, Niteroi (Brazil) - Daniel Oliveira

  • Centro Federal de Educa cao Tecnologica, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) - Eduardo Ogasawara

Duration: 2014 - 2016

See also: https://team.inria.fr/zenith/projects/international-projects/music/

By centralizing all data in a large-scale data center, the cloud significantly simplifies the task of system administration. But for scientific data, where different organizations may have their own data centers, a distributed (multisite) cloud model where each site is visible from outside, is needed. The main objective of this research and scientific collaboration is to develop a multisite cloud architecture for managing and analyzing scientific data, including support for heterogeneous data; distributed scientific workflows, and complex big data analysis. The resulting architecture will enable scalable data management infrastructures that can be used to host a variety of scientific applications that benefit from computing, storage, and networking resources that span multiple data centers.

Inria International Partners

Informal International Partners

We have regular scientific relationships with research laboratories in

  • North America: Univ. of Waterloo (Tamer Özsu), UCSB Santa Barbara (Divy Agrawal and Amr El Abbadi)

  • Asia: National Univ. of Singapore (Beng Chin Ooi, Stéphane Bressan), Wonkwang University, Korea (Kwangjin Park)

  • Europe: Univ. of Madrid (Ricardo Jiménez-Periz), UPC Barcelona (Josep Lluis Larriba Pey), HES-SO (Henning Müller), University of Catania (Concetto Spampinatto), The Open University (Stefan Rüger)

  • North Africa: Univ. of Tunis (Sadok Ben-Yahia)

  • Australia: Australian National University (Peter Christen)

  • Central America: Technologico de Costa-Rica (Erick Mata, former director of the US initiative Encyclopedia of Life)

Participation In other International Programs

We are involved in LifeCLEF lab, a self-organized research platform whose main mission is to promote research, innovation, and development of computer-assisted identification of living organisms. It was initiated by Alexis Joly in 2014 in collaboration with several European colleagues: Henning Müller (CH), Robert B Fisher (UK), Andreas Rauber (AU), Concetto Spampinato (IT), Hervé Glotin (FR). Each year, LifeCLEF releases large-scale experimental data covering tens of thousands of species (plants images, birds audio recordings and fish sub-marine videos). About 100-150 research groups register each year to get access to it and tens of them submit reports describing their conducted research (published in CEUR-WS proceedings). Results are then synthesized and further analyzed in joint research papers.