Section: Dissemination


  • M. Nodet and J. Erhel won the first prize of the second Imaginary Mathematics for Planet Earth competition with their web module entitled "Simulating the melting of ice caps" [26].

  • E. Blayo gave several outreach talks, in particular for middle school and high school students, and for more general audiences.

  • Ch. Kazantsev and E. Blayo are strongly involved in the creation of “La Grange des maths", a science center that will be located in Varces (south of Grenoble), which will offer a huge variety of mathematical hands-on exhibits. See http://www.la-grange-des-maths.fr/.

  • Ch. Kazantsev leads two IREM groups. One of them works in frames of the center “La Grange des maths" and prepares "The Mathematical box", a set of 23 games and mathematical activities designed to allow children to study mathematics in an original and autonomous way. Since October, these box are available to rent by secondary schools. Another group organizes "The Sunday Math Club" that teaches mathematics in a researchers way by proposing interesting mathematical problems to children from 10 to 17 years old.

  • M. Nodet and E. Arnaud co-organises a year-round weekly math club in two secondary schools, part of the national network "Math en Jeans", where pupils research open mathematical problems.

  • M. Nodet takes part in training modelling in mathematics to secondary school maths teachers through the regional "Maison pour la Science"

  • M. Nodet is in charge of an IREM group about building interdisciplinary projects for secondary school classes. Part of their work has been accepted for publication in the IREM national journal [28].

  • M. Nodet is a member of "Les Emulateurs", a group of Grenoble University professors meeting once a month around the subjects of innovative pedagogy and its applications to universities.

  • M. Nodet co-autored, with other Univ. Grenoble Alpes teachers, a paper at the Pedagogy conference QPES [27] and offered a 3h practical work session during this conference about "Peer assessment in education".