Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

Regional initiatives

Stochastic Model­-Data Coupled Representations for the Upper Ocean Dynamics (SEACS) — inter labex project

Participants : François Le Gland, Valérie Monbet.

January 2015 to December 2017.

This is a joint research initiative supported by the three labex active in Brittany, CominLabs (Communication and Information Sciences Laboratory), Lebesgue (Centre de Mathématiques Henri Lebesgue) and LabexMER (Frontiers in Marine Research).

This project aims at exploring novel statistical and stochastic methods to address the emulation, reconstruction and forecast of fine–scale upper ocean dynamics. The key objective is to investigate new tools and methods for the calibration and implementation of novel sound and efficient oceanic dynamical models, combining

  • recent advances in the theoretical understanding, modeling and simulation of upper ocean dynamics,

  • and mass of data routinely available to observe the ocean evolution.

In this respect, the emphasis will be given to stochastic frameworks to encompass multi–scale/multi–source approaches and benefit from the available observation and simulation massive data. The addressed scientific questions constitute basic research issues at the frontiers of several disciplines. It crosses in particular advanced data analysis approaches, physical oceanography and stochastic representations. To develop such an interdisciplinary initiative, the project gathers a set of research groups associated with these different scientific domains, which have already proven for several years their capacities to interact and collaborate on topics related to oceanic data and models. This project will place Brittany with an innovative and leading expertise at the frontiers of computer science, statistics and oceanography. This transdisciplinary research initiative is expected to resort to significant advances challenging the current thinking in computational oceanography.