Section: New Software and Platforms


Automatic switched Circtuits Equation Formualtion

Keywords: Simulation - Electrical circuit - Switched systems

Scientific Description: Nonsmooth Modeling and Simulation for Switched Circuits concerns the modeling and the numerical simulation of switched circuits with the nonsmooth dynamical systems (NSDS) approach, using piecewise-linear and multivalued models of electronic devices like diodes, transistors, switches. Numerous examples (ranging from introductory academic circuits to various types of power converters) are analyzed and many simulation results obtained with the Inria open-source SICONOS software package are presented. Comparisons with SPICE and hybrid methods demonstrate the power of the NSDS approach. Nonsmooth Modeling and Simulation for Switched Circuits is intended to researchers and engineers in the field of circuits simulation and design, but may also attract applied mathematicians interested by the numerical analysis for nonsmooth dynamical systems, as well as researchers from Systems and Control.

References: Nonsmooth Modeling and Simulation for Switched Circuits Authors: Acary, Vincent, Bonnefon, Olivier, Brogliato, Bernard (http://www.springer.com/fr/book/9789048196807)

Functional Description: The Automatic Circuit Equations Formulation (ACEF) module is the implementation of the automatic circuit equation extended to general nonsmooth components. From a SPICE netlist, possibly augmented by some nonsmooth components, the ACEF builds a dynamical formulation that can be simulated by SICONOS.