Section: New Software and Platforms


Keywords: Physical simulation - Co-simulation

Functional Description: The project SALADYN aims at designing and implementing a new software platform into Salomé-Méca by coupling three kinds of mechanical models: a) Deformable bodies, mainly through their finite element representation, b) rigid multi-body systems and c) multi-contact systems. The goal is to obtain a close coupling of these models for the modeling and the simulation in a nonsmooth dynamical framework, able to deal rigorously with the unilateral contact and Coulomb’s friction. This platform will be composed by the integration of the following components:

Salomé. An OpenSource platform for the pre and post-processing and the coupling of numerical software codes. Code_Aster. An OpenSource Finite Element Application, which has already been integrated in Salomé, under the name of Salomé-méca. LMGC90. An OpenSource software for the modeling and the simulation of multicontact systems. Siconos. An OpenSource software for the modeling, the simulation and the control of nonsmooth Dynamical systems Besides this integration, the main deliverable of this project is a common numerical software which allows the interoperability of the models trough a multiple representation of an unique physical object, and a dynamic adaptability in time based on the user needs and the simulation requirements (accuracy, efficiency, abstraction, etc.). The consortium (Schneider Electric, EDF, Inria, LMGC, LAMSID) brings together well-recognized skills of academic laboratories and companies, which possess a strong experience in structural analysis and dynamical analysis in the field of nonsmooth dynamics. The industrial partners will provide the project with effective test-beds and experiments, which will be very reliable element for validation and performance analysis. The expected result of this project should concern a large field of application ranging from transport, energy, micro-mechanical systems to divided materials such as Masonry or granular matter.

More generally, one aim of this project is to federate the national academic and industrial community for the design and the simulation of complex mechanical in non smooth interactions into a common OpenSource software platform.