Major publications by the team in recent years
  • 1A. Assaf, G. Burel, R. Cauderlier, D. Delahaye, G. Dowek, C. Dubois, F. Gilbert, P. Halmagrand, O. Hermant, R. Saillard.

    Expressing theories in the λΠ-calculus modulo theory and in the Dedukti system, in: 22nd International Conference on Types for Proofs and Programs, TYPES 2016, Novi SAd, Serbia, May 2016.

  • 2F. Blanqui.

    Definitions by rewriting in the Calculus of Constructions, in: Mathematical Structures in Computer Science, 2005, vol. 15, no 1, pp. 37-92. [ DOI : 10.1017/S0960129504004426 ]

  • 3F. Blanqui, J.-P. Jouannaud, A. Rubio.

    The Computability Path Ordering, in: Logical Methods in Computer Science, October 2015. [ DOI : 10.2168/LMCS-11(4:3)2015 ]

  • 4G. Burel.

    Experimenting with Deduction Modulo, in: CADE 2011, V. Sofronie-Stokkermans, N. Bjørner (editors), Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, Springer, 2011, vol. 6803, pp. 162–176.
  • 5D. Cousineau, G. Dowek.

    Embedding Pure Type Systems in the lambda-Pi-calculus modulo, in: Typed lambda calculi and applications, S. Ronchi della Rocca (editor), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer-Verlag, 2007, vol. 4583, pp. 102-117.
  • 6G. Dowek, T. Hardin, C. Kirchner.

    Theorem proving modulo, in: Journal of Automated Reasoning, 2003, vol. 31, pp. 33-73.
  • 7C. Dubois, T. Hardin, V. Donzeau-Gouge.

    Building certified components within FOCAL, in: Revised Selected Papers from the Fifth Symposium on Trends in Functional Programming, TFP 2004, München, Germany, 25-26 November 2004, H.-W. Loidl (editor), Trends in Functional Programming, Intellect, 2006, vol. 5, pp. 33-48.
  • 8O. Hermant.

    Resolution is Cut-Free, in: Journal of Automated Reasoning, March 2010, vol. 44, no 3, pp. 245-276.
  • 9M. Jacquel, K. Berkani, D. Delahaye, C. Dubois.

    Verifying B Proof Rules using Deep Embedding and Automated Theorem Proving, in: Software and Systems Modeling (SoSyM), June 2013.
  • 10M. Jacquel, K. Berkani, D. Delahaye, C. Dubois.

    Tableaux Modulo Theories Using Superdeduction, in: Global Journal of Advanced Software Engineering (GJASE), December 2014, vol. 1, pp. 1 - 13. [ DOI : 10.1007/978-3-642-31365-3_26 ]

Publications of the year

Articles in International Peer-Reviewed Journals

Invited Conferences

  • 12G. Dowek.

    Analyzing individual proofs as the basis of interoperability between proof systems, in: PxTP 2017 - Fifth Workshop on Proof eXchange for Theorem Proving, Brasilia, Brazil, September 2017.


International Conferences with Proceedings

  • 13A. Díaz-Caro, G. Dowek.

    Typing Quantum Superpositions and Measurement, in: TPNC 2017 - 6th International Conference on the Theory and Practice of Natural Computing, Prague, Czech Republic, C. Martín-Vide, R. Neruda, M. A. Vega-Rodríguez (editors), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer, December 2017, vol. 10687, 13 p, https://arxiv.org/abs/1601.04294. [ DOI : 10.1007/978-3-319-71069-3_22 ]

  • 14F. Gilbert.

    Automated Constructivization of Proofs, in: FoSSaCS 2017, Uppsala, Sweden, April 2017. [ DOI : 10.1007/978-3-662-54458-7_28 ]

  • 15F. Gilbert.

    Proof certificates in PVS, in: ITP 2017, Brasilia, Brazil, September 2017. [ DOI : 10.1007/978-3-319-66107-0_17 ]

  • 16J.-P. Jouannaud, P.-Y. Strub.

    Coq without Type Casts: A Complete Proof of Coq Modulo Theory, in: LPAR-21: 21st International Conference on Logic for Programming, Artificial Intelligence and Reasoning, Maun, Botswana, May 2017.


Scientific Popularization

Other Publications

References in notes
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  • 35R. Lepigre.

    PML2, programming language with support for program proofs, 2017, Submitted for the post-proceedings of TYPES.

  • 36R. Lepigre.

    Lambdapi, implementation of the λΠ-calculus modulo rewriting, 2017.

  • 37R. Lepigre.

    Semantics and Implementation of an Extension of ML for program proving, Université Grenoble Alpes, France, 2017.

  • 38R. Lepigre, C. Raffalli.

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