Section: New Results


During his internship [22], A. Defourné extended F. Blanqui's prototype of proof assistant based on Dedukti by developing a tactic for calling external provers through Why3 [28]. He also started to study a simple rewriting tactic.

During his internship, R. Bocquet studied unification in the λΠ-calculus modulo rewriting, and started to implement a prototype.

During his internship [24], G. Genestier studied the possibility to use the Size-Change Principle [34] in order to prove termination in the λΠ-calculus modulo rewriting. This work led to an adaptation of the criterion developped in his thesis by Wahlstedt [40] to a calculus containing dependant types. He also implemented a prototype of a weak version of the criterion.

During the first three months of his postdoc, R. Lepigre proposed a new implementation of Dedukti [36], based on the Bindlib library for the representation of structures with binders [38]. The libraries generated for Dedukti are compatible with this new implementation, and can be type-checked with minor modifications.

During the first months of his PhD, G. Férey adapted the higher-order pattern matching and convertibility checking algorithms to implemented support for rewriting modulo associative-commutative (AC) symbols in Dedukti.