Section: New Software and Platforms


Keyword: Social choice

Scientific Description: NoAWVote is a decision-making system which relies on the fair aggregation of individual preferences, i.e. the preference profile. It allows to: - Compute collective preferences according to different voting methods such as, among others, k-approval, Borda, Kemeny-Young, - Filter the individual preferences according to the voters characteristics (categories such as age, location, etc.), - Cluster individual preferences into group preferences according to some given categories, these groups' preferences being then aggregated themselves, - Format the aggregation result (single winner, k-top alternatives, full ranking)

Functional Description: NoAWVote is a software providing a decision-making mechanism which relies on the fair aggregation of individual preferences which is developed within the context of the H2020 Projects NoAW project.

Release Functional Description: The first release of the tool contains the described functionalities.

News Of The Year: The development of the tool started this year.