Publications of the year

Doctoral Dissertations and Habilitation Theses

Articles in International Peer-Reviewed Journals

  • 3F. De Turck, J.-M. Kang, H. Choo, M.-S. Kim, B.-Y. Choi, R. Badonnel, J. W.-K. Hong.

    Softwarization of networks, clouds, and internet of things, in: International Journal of Network Management, March 2017, vol. 27, no 2, pp. 1-2. [ DOI : 10.1002/nem.1967 ]

  • 4A. Mayzaud, R. Badonnel, I. Chrisment.

    A Distributed Monitoring Strategy for Detecting Version Number Attacks in RPL-Based Networks, in: IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management, June 2017, vol. 14, no 2, pp. 472 - 486. [ DOI : 10.1109/TNSM.2017.2705290 ]


Invited Conferences

  • 5L. Nussbaum.

    Experimenting on Architectures for High Performance Computing, in: École ARCHI 2017 - Architectures des Systèmes Matériels et Logiciels Embarqués et Méthodes de Conception Associées, Nancy, France, March 2017, 65 p.

  • 6L. Nussbaum.

    Scaling your experiments, in: École RESCOM 2017, Le Croisic, France, June 2017.

  • 7L. Nussbaum.

    Testbeds in Computer Science, in: Reproducible Research Webinars, Grenoble, France, June 2017.


International Conferences with Proceedings

  • 8E. Aubry, T. Silverston, I. Chrisment.

    Implementation and Evaluation of a Controller-Based Forwarding Scheme for NDN, in: AINA 2017 - IEEE 31st International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications, Taipei, Taiwan, IEEE, March 2017, pp. 144 - 151. [ DOI : 10.1109/AINA.2017.83 ]

  • 9V. V. Avrutov, P. M. Aksonenko, P. Henaff, L. Ciarletta.

    3D-Calibration of the IMU, in: ELNANO 2017 - IEEE 37th International Conference on Electronics and Nanotechnology, KIEV, Ukraine, Electronics and Nanotechnology (ELNANO), 2017 IEEE 37th International Conference on, IEEE, April 2017, pp. 1-6. [ DOI : 10.1109/ELNANO.2017.7939782 ]

  • 10A. Belkadi, H. Abaunza, L. Ciarletta, P. Castillo, D. Theilliol.

    Distributed path planning for controlling a fleet of UAVs : application to a team of quadrotors, in: 20th IFAC World Congress, IFAC 2017, Toulouse, France, July 2017.

  • 11P. Chaignon, K. Lazri, J. Francois, O. Festor.

    Understanding Disruptive Monitoring Capabilities of Programmable Networks, in: NetSoft 2017 - IEEE Conference on Network Softwarization- NetFoG Workshop, Bologna, Italy, July 2017.

  • 12J. Charlier, S. Lagraa, R. State, J. Francois.

    Profiling Smart Contracts Interactions with Tensor Decomposition and Graph Mining, in: European Conference on Machine Learning and Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery (ECML-PKDD) - Workshop on MIning DAta for financial applicationS (MIDAS), Skopje, Macedonia, September 2017.

  • 13M. Compastié, R. Badonnel, O. Festor, R. He, M. Kassi Lahlou.

    Towards a Software-Defined Security Framework for Supporting Distributed Cloud, in: AIMS 2017 - IFIP International Conference on Autonomous Infrastructure, Management and Security, Zurich, Switzerland, LNCS, Springer, July 2017, vol. 10356, pp. 47-61. [ DOI : 10.1007/978-3-319-60774-0_4 ]

  • 14F. GREFF, Y.-Q. Song, L. Ciarletta, A. Samama.

    A Dynamic Flow Allocation Method for the Design of a Software-Defined Real-Time Mesh Network, in: WFCS 2017 - 13th IEEE International Workshop on Factory Communication Systems, Trondheim, Norway, Proceedings of the 13th IEEE International Workshop on Factory Communication Systems (WFCS 2017), May 2017. [ DOI : 10.1109/WFCS.2017.7991949 ]

  • 15F. GREFF, Y.-Q. Song, L. Ciarletta, A. Samama.

    Combining Source and Destination-Tag Routing to Handle Fault Tolerance in Software-Defined Real-Time Mesh Networks, in: 25th International Conference on Real-Time Networks and Systems, Grenoble, France, October 2017.

  • 16S. Lagraa, J. Francois, A. Lahmadi, M. Miner, C. Hammerschmidt, R. State.

    BotGM: Unsupervised Graph Mining to Detect Botnets in Traffic Flows, in: CSNet 2017 - 1st Cyber Security in Networking Conference, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, October 2017.

  • 18D. I. Maxim, R. Davis, L. I. Cucu-Grosjean, A. Easwaran.

    Probabilistic Analysis for Mixed Criticality Systems using Fixed Priority Preemptive Scheduling, in: RTNS 2017 - International Conference on Real-Time Networks and Systems, Grenoble, France, October 2017, 10 p. [ DOI : 10.1145/3139258.3139276 ]

  • 19D. Maxim, Y.-Q. Song.

    Delay Analysis of AVB traffic in Time-Sensitive Networks (TSN), in: RTNS 2017 - International Conference on Real-Time Networks and Systems, Grenoble, France, October 2017, 10 p. [ DOI : 10.1145/3139258.3139283 ]

  • 20L. Meftah, M. Gomez, R. Rouvoy, I. Chrisment.

    AndroFleet: Testing WiFi Peer-to-Peer Mobile Apps in the Large, in: ASE 2017 - 32nd IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering, Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, United States, ASE 2017 - The 32nd IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering - Tool demonstration, October 2017.

  • 21T. Nguyen, X. Marchal, G. DOYEN, T. Cholez, R. Cogranne.

    Content Poisoning in Named Data Networking: Comprehensive Characterization of real Deployment, in: 15th IFIP/IEEE International Symposium on Integrated Network Management (IM2017), Lisbon, Portugal, May 2017, pp. 72-80. [ DOI : 10.23919/INM.2017.7987266 ]

  • 22L. Nussbaum.

    Testbeds Support for Reproducible Research, in: ACM SIGCOMM 2017 Reproducibility Workshop, Los Angeles, United States, August 2017.

  • 23L. Nussbaum.

    Towards Trustworthy Testbeds thanks to Throughout Testing, in: REPPAR - 4th International Workshop on Reproducibility in Parallel Computing (with IPDPS'2017), Orlando, United States, June 2017, 9 p.

  • 24N. Schnepf, R. Badonnel, A. Lahmadi, S. Merz.

    Automated Verification of Security Chains in Software-Defined Networks with Synaptic, in: NetSoft 2017 - IEEE Conference on Network Softwarization, Bologna, Italy, IEEE Computer Society, July 2017, 9 p. [ DOI : 10.1109/NETSOFT.2017.8004195 ]

  • 25S. Signorello, S. Marchal, J. Francois, O. Festor, R. State.

    Advanced Interest Flooding Attacks in Named-Data Networking, in: NCA 2017 - IEEE International Symposium on Network Computing and Applications, Cambridge, United States, October 2017.

  • 26S. Zhuo, Y. Song.

    GoMacH: A Traffic Adaptive Multi-channel MAC Protocol for IoT, in: The 42nd IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks (LCN), Singapore, Singapore, October 2017.


National Conferences with Proceedings

  • 27S. Delamare, P. Morillon, L. Nussbaum.

    Réalisation d'expériences avec Grid'5000, in: JRES2017 - Journées Réseaux de l'enseignement et de la recherche, Nantes, France, November 2017.


Conferences without Proceedings

  • 28M. Abderrahim, M. Ouzzif, K. GUILLOUARD, J. Francois, A. Lèbre.

    A Holistic Monitoring Service for Fog/Edge Infrastructures: a Foresight Study, in: The IEEE 5th International Conference on Future Internet of Things and Cloud (FiCloud 2017), Prague, Czech Republic, August 2017.

  • 29V. Avrutov, P. Aksonenko, N. Bouraou, H. Patrick, L. Ciarletta.

    Expanded Calibration of the MEMS Inertial Sensors, in: UKRCON 2017 - IEEE First Ukraine Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering (UKRCON), KIEV, Ukraine, May 2017. [ DOI : 10.1109/UKRCON.2017.8100328 ]

  • 30S. Ben-Amor, D. Maxim, L. Cucu.

    Schedulability analysis of dependent probabilistic real-time tasks , in: MAPSP 2017 - 13th Workshop on Models and Algorithms for Planning and Scheduling Problems, Seeon-Seebruck, Germany, RTNS '16 Proceedings of the 24th International Conference on Real-Time Networks and Systems, ACM, June 2017, pp. 99-107. [ DOI : 10.1145/2997465.2997499 ]

  • 31Z. Liu, L. Ciarletta, C. Yuan, Y. Zhang, D. Theilliol.

    Path following control of unmanned quadrotor helicopter with obstacle avoidance capability, in: International Conference on Unmanned Aircraft Systems, ICUAS'17, Miami, Florida, United States, June 2017.

  • 32D. Maxim, A. Bertout.

    Analysis and Simulation Tools for Probabilistic Real-Time Systems, in: 8th International Workshop on Analysis Tools and Methodologies for Embedded and Real-time Systems (WATERS), Dubrovnik, Croatia, June 2017.

  • 33P. Neyron, L. Nussbaum.

    Resources management on the Grid'5000 testbed, in: GEFI 17 meeting - Global Experimentation for Future Internet, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, October 2017.

  • 34L. Nussbaum.

    Testing Testbeds Towards Reproducibility, in: GEFI 17 meeting - Global Experimentation for Future Internet, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, October 2017.


Scientific Books (or Scientific Book chapters)

  • 35T. Combe, W. Mallouli, T. Cholez, G. Doyen, B. Mathieu, E. Montes De Oca.

    A SDN and NFV use-case: NDN implementation and security monitoring, in: Guide to Security in SDN and NFV, Computer Communications and Networks book series (CCN), Springer, November 2017.

  • 36D. Maxim, L. Cucu-Grosjean, R. Davis.

    Probabilistic schedulability analysis , in: Handbook on Real-Time Computing, A. Easwaran (editor), Handbook on Real-Time Computing, Springer, 2017, forthcoming.


Books or Proceedings Editing

  • 37R. Badonnel, K. Kinoshita, D. Tuncer, S. Song (editors)

    Special Issue on management of SDN/NFV-based systems, Wiley, June 2017. [ DOI : 10.1002/nem.1982 ]

  • 38D. Tuncer, R. Koch, R. Badonnel, B. Stiller (editors)

    Security of Networks and Services in an All-Connected World - 11th IFIP WG 6.6 International Conference on Autonomous Infrastructure, Management, and Security (IFIP AIMS 2017), July 2017.


Other Publications

  • 39F. Greff, Y.-Q. Song, A. Samama, L. Ciarletta.

    Software-Defined Real-Time Mesh Networking: Protocol and Experimentation Method, June 2017, RESCOM'17, Poster.

  • 40B. Henry.

    Approximations of the allelic frequency spectrum in general supercritical branching populations, January 2017, working paper or preprint.

  • 41P. Neyron, B. Bzeznik, L. Nussbaum.

    Propositions pour l'architecture pour un cluster mutualisé entre CIMENT et Grid'5000, January 2017, working paper or preprint.

  • 42T. Paris, L. Ciarletta, V. Chevrier.

    Intégration d'un simulateur multi-agent dans une plateforme de co-simulation DEVS, July 2017, Journées Francophones sur les Systèmes Multi-Agents (JFSMA 2017), Poster.

References in notes
  • 43B. Camus, T. Paris, J. Vaubourg, Y. Presse, C. Bourjot, L. Ciarletta, V. Chevrier.

    MECSYCO: a Multi-agent DEVS Wrapping Platform for the Co-simulation of Complex Systems, LORIA, UMR 7503, Université de Lorraine, CNRS, Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy ; Inria Nancy - Grand Est (Villers-lès-Nancy, France), September 2016.

  • 44H. Patrick, V. Avrutov, P. Aksonenko, N. Bouraou, L. Ciarletta.

    Expanded Calibration of the MEMS Inertial Sensors, in: Ukraine Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering (UKRCON), KIEV, Ukraine, May 2017.

  • 45J. Siebert.

    Approche multi-agent pour la multi-modélisation et le couplage de simulations. Application à l'étude des influences entre le fonctionnement des réseaux ambiants et le comportement de leurs utilisateurs, Université Henri Poincaré - Nancy I, September 2011.