Section: New Software and Platforms


Keywords: Large scale - Experimentation - Virtualization - Emulation

Functional Description: Distem is a distributed systems emulator. When doing research on Cloud, P2P, High Performance Computing or Grid systems, it can be used to transform an homogenenous cluster (composed of identical nodes) into an experimental platform where nodes have different performance, and are linked together through a complex network topology, making it the ideal tool to benchmark applications targetting such environments, or aiming at tolerating performance degradations or variations which are frequent in the Cloud or in other applications distributed at large scale (P2P for example).

  • Participants: Luc Sarzyniec, Lucas Nussbaum and Tomasz Buchert

  • Partners: CNRS - Université de Lorraine - Loria - Grid'5000 - Inria

  • Contact: Lucas Nussbaum

  • URL: http://distem.gforge.inria.fr