Section: New Software and Platforms


Multi-agent Environment for Complex SYstems COsimulation. Coeur java

Keywords: Agent - Multi-agent - Co-simulation - Multi-model - Simulator - Simulation - Modeling - Artefact

Functional Description: MECSYCO is a project aiming at the modeling and simulation of complex systems. It provides concepts and tools to describe and then simulate a system as a set of heterogeneous models (namely a multi-model). MECSYCO-RE-java is the Java implementation of the central part (core) of MECSYCO. It can be complemented by mecsyco-com (a communication package for distributed exécution) and mecsyco-visu (a set of tools for vizualizaing simulations).

  • Participants: Benjamin Camus, Christine Bourjot, Julien Siebert, Julien Vaubourg, Laurent Ciarletta, Victorien Elvinger, Vincent Chevrier and Yannick Presse

  • Partners: Université de Lorraine - Inria

  • Contact: Vincent Chevrier

  • URL: http://www.mecsyco.com