Section: New Results


NDN routing

Participants : Isabelle Chrisment [contact] , Thomas Silverston, Elian Aubry.

As NDN relies on content names instead of host address it cannot rely on traditional Internet routing. Therefore it is essential to propose a routing scheme adapted for NDN. In [8] we have presented SRSC, our SDN-based Routing Scheme for CCN/NDN and its implementation. SRSC relies on the SDN paradigm. A controller is responsible to forward decisions and to set up rules into NDN nodes. So we have implemented SRSC into NDNx. We have deployed an NDN testbed within a virtual environment emulating a real ISP topology in order to evaluate the performances of our proposal with real-world experiments. We have demonstrated the feasibility of SRSC and its ability to forward Interest messages in a fully deployed NDN environment while keeping low overhead and computation time and high caching performances.

Energy-Aware and QoS Routing for Wireless Sensor Networks

Participants : Evangelia Tsiontsiou, Bernardetta Addis, Ye-Qiong Song [contact] .

The main research problems in the domain of routing data packets in a multi-hop wireless sensor network are the optimisation of the energy and the routing under multi-criteria QoS constraints (e.g., energy, reliability, delay, ...). To address these problems, we proposed, in the PhD thesis of E. Tiontsiou, two contributions. The first contribution is an optimal probabilistic energy-aware routing protocol, allowing to energy usage balancing. Comparing to the existing probabilistic routing protocols, our solution is based on the computation of the optimal probabilities by solving a linear programming problem. Our second contribution is an operator calculus algebra based multi-constrained routing protocol. It is fundamentally different from the existing solutions since it can simultaneously consider several constraints, instead of their combination.