Section: Dissemination


Every year, “MobiNet” (see section 4.5) classes are conducted with high school pupils of the large Grenoble area to practice initiation and intuition on Computer Science, Maths and Physics. Depending on the year, we have 2 to 4 groups in the scope of INP-Grenoble “Enginneering weeks”, and 0 to 2 groups in the scope of Math-C2+ operations.

Fabrice Neyret published a popularization article "Maths in special effects" in the magazine "Tangentes" #178 (sep-oct 2017).

Fabrice Neyret maintains the blog shadertoyunofficial ( https://shadertoyunofficial.wordpress.com/ ) and various shaders examples on Shadertoy site ( https://www.shadertoy.com/ ) to popularize GPU technologies as well as disseminates academic models within computer graphics, computer science, applied math and physics fields.