Section: New Software and Platforms


Keywords: Simulation - Linear Systems Solver - Direct solvers - Collision - Numerical simulations

Scientific Description: The SofaPardisoSolver allows for fast direct solution of sparse systems of linear equations, using a decomposition (such as LU, LDL and Cholesky) according to the type of the matrix. Moreover, the wrapper allows for employing a partial factorization which brings a significant improvement when solving augmented systems, usually resulting in problems involving collisions and/or domain decomposition.

Functional Description: The SofaPardisoSolver plugin contains a wrapper allowing for an efficient direct solution of a system of linear equations. It also contains an advanced feature which exploits an algorithm of partial decomposition available in Pardiso. This feature significantly accelerates the computation of Schur complement, typically needed to solve linear complementarity problems (LCP). Example of use: collision and contacts.

  • Author: Igor Peterlik

  • Contact: Igor Peterlik