Section: Highlights of the Year

Highlights of the Year

  • Prix de thèse 2016 en Génie Biologique et Médical attributed to Rosalie Plantefève for her thesis Augmented Reality and Numerical Simulation for Resection of Hepatic Tumor. The award is attributed by three scientific bodies: IEEE EMBS, Société Française de Génie Biologique et Médical, and Alliance pour le Génie Biologique et Médical. In this context, R. Plantefève was invited to submite a paper to the Journal on Innovation and Research in BioMedical Engineering and the manuscript was accepted for publication [17].

  • Runner up for the best poster award at the IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality 2017 with the poster Deformed Reality: Proof of concept and Preliminary Results [32]. The poster introduced a new paradigm to interactively manipulate objects in a scene in a deformable manner. Using the core principle of augmented reality to estimate a rigid pose over time, the method enables the user to deform the targeted object while it is being rendered with its natural texture, giving the sense of a real-time object editing in the user environment. The results show that the method is capable of opening new ways of not only augmenting the scene but also to interact with it in real by imposing possibly non-linear transformations to selected entities.

  • The physics-based image and video editing tool Calipso was resumed in Two-minutes papers on YouTube. At the end of 2017, the video has more that 35k views. Calipso is an interactive method for editing images and videos in a physically-coherent manner. The main idea is to perform physics-based manipulations by running a full physics simulation on proxy geometries given by non-rigidly aligned CAD models. Running these simulations allows us to apply new, unseen forces to move or deform selected objects, change physical parameters such as mass or elasticity, or even add entire new objects that interact with the rest of the underlying scene.

Figure 5. Illustration of Calipso deformed reality on two static images.