Section: Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry

Bilateral Grants with Industry

Thales Research and Technology (2016-2018)

Participants : Baptiste Goupille-Lescar, Christine Morin, Nikos Parlavantzas.

Our collaboration with Thales Research and Technology focuses on the development of distributed Cyber-Physical Systems, such as those developed by Thales to monitor and react to changing physical environments. These systems need to be highly adaptable in order to cope with the dynamism and diversity of their operating environments. Notably, they require distributed, parallel architectures that support dynamic sets of applications, not known in advance, while providing strong QoS guarantees. The objective of this collaboration is to explore adaptive resource management mechanisms for such systems that can adapt to changes in the requirements and in the availability of resources. This contract funds Baptiste Goupille-Lescar's PhD grant.

Nokia (2015-2018)

Participant : Christine Morin.

Together with CIDRE Inria project-team we are involved in a collaboration with Nokia on security policy adaptation driven by risk evaluation in modern communication infrastructures. To address the need for efficient security supervision mechanisms, approaches such as attack graphs generation, coupled to a risk-based assessment have been used to provide an insight into a system's threat exposure. In comparison to static infrastructures, clouds exhibit a dynamic nature and are exposed to new attack scenarios due to virtualization. The goal of this collaboration is thus to revisit existing methods in the context of clouds. This contract funds Pernelle Mensah's PhD grant. Pernelle is a member of CIDRE project-team.