Section: Dissemination


Martin Quinson is a member of the ISO national working group (Info Sans Ordi – CS without computer), that aims at inventing, improving and spread unplug activities. These outreach activities are meant to introduce fundamental concepts of Computer Science in schools without the need of any electrical devices. In 2017, the group produced a special issue to the Tangente magazine (read by maths teachers in France). Martin Quinson authored two articles in this special issue.

Martin Quinson is on the scientific board of the Blaise Pascal foundation, boosting the scientific outreach in the domains of Maths and Computer Science. He participated this year to a working group aiming at the development of an online game that teaches maths to pupils.

Martin Quinson was in the scientific organizing committees for several outreach events toward the popularization of Maths and Computer Science this year: «Maths Vivantes» had a very general audience: a booth on a public space of Rennes for one afternoon (March). «Maths C2+» invited about 20 pupils invited at ENS Rennes for 3 days (March). «Metier en tout Genre» invited several dozen of high-school students for one day on the Rennes university campus (November).