Section: Dissemination

Teaching - Supervision - Juries


  • From September 2016 to June 2017, Y. Bouzidi was ATER at Ecole Central de Lille. He completed 192 hours of computer science courses/TD, as well as algorithmic courses, for students in L3 and M1.

  • Since February 2017, R. Ushirobira has completed 24 hours of Linear Algebra course / TD at Polytech'Lille, 8 h of Automatic TP in L3 at the University of Lille1 and 38 h TD of Mathematics in Mathematics. 1st year at Centrale Lille. She supervises this year students in 4th and 3rd grades of Arthur Rimbaud College Villeneuve d’Ascq, as part of 'Math in Jeans'.


  • PhD: Maxime Feingesicht, “Dynamic Observers for Control of Separeted Flows”, Ecole Centrale de Lille, 11/12/2017, supervisors: J.-P. Richard, F. Kerherve, A. Polyakov

  • PhD in progress: Haik Jan Davtjan, “Estimation in complex systems”, EC Lille, 2016, UCoCoS EU project, supervisors: D. Efimov, J.-P. Richard

  • PhD in progress: Nadhynee Martinez Fonseca, “Non-asymptotic control and estimation problems in robotic system designed for manipulation of micro-organisms”, National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico, 2015, supervisors: I. Chairez-Oria, A. Polyakov

  • PhD in progress: Tatiana Kharkovskaya, “Interval Observers for Distributed Parametr Systems”, ITMO University-EC Lille, 2015, supervisors: D. Efimov, J.-P. Richard and A. Kremlev

  • PhD in progress: Langueh Désiré Kokou, "Inversion à gauche, singularités d’inversion, immersion et formes normales pour les systèmes dynamiques", 2015, supervisors: Thierry Floquet, Gang Zheng

  • PhD in progress: Gabriele Perozzi, “Save exploration of aerodynamic field by microdron”, Onera-Region, 2015, supervisors: D. Efimov, J.-M. Biannic and L. Planckaert

  • PhD in progress: Francisco Lopez-Ramirez, “Control and estimation via implicit homogeneous Lyapunov function”, Inria, 2015, supervisors: D. Efimov, W. Perruquetti and A. Polyakov

  • PhD in progress: Guillaume Rance, “Asservissement paramétrique de systèmes flexibles à retard et application aux viseurs”, CIFRE Safran Electronics & Defense, 2014, supervisors: A. Quadrat, A. Quadrat, H. Mounier

  • PhD in progress: Haik-Jan Silm, “Estimation in complex systems”, 2016, supervisors: D. Efimov, R. Ushirobira, W. Michels, J.-P. Richard

  • PhD in progress: Yue Wang, "Development of a blimp robot for indoor operation", 2016, supervisors: Wilfrid Perruquetti, Denis Efimov, Gang Zheng

  • PhD in progress: Siyuan Wang, "Robust control of quadrotors", 2017, supervisors: Andrey Polyakov, Gang Zheng


  • A. Quadrat was member of a selection committee for a MCF position (CNU 15-17), University of Limoges.

  • R. Ushirobira was a jury member of the CR2 Inria 2017 competition for the Lille - Nord Europe center. She was also invited to participate in 3 selection committees for MCF positions (CNU 61, ENSEA and CNAM in May, Ecole Centrale de Nantes in September).