Section: Research Program


Keeping in mind that we will remain focused at developing and applying fundamental methods for non-asymptotic estimation, we intend to deal with 4 main domains of application (see the lower part of Figure 1). The Lille context offers interesting opportunities in WSAN (wireless sensor and actuator networks and, more particularly, networked robots) at Inria, as well as nano/macro machining at ENSAM. A power electronics platform will be developed in ENSEA Cergy. Last, in contact with companies, several grants, patents and collaborations are expected from the applications of i-PID. Each of these four application domains was presented in the Non-A proposal:

  • Networked robots, WSAN [Lille]

  • Nano/macro machining [Lille]

  • Multicell chopper [Lille and Cergy]

  • i-PID for industry

In the present period, we choose to give a particular focus to the first item (Networked robots), which already received some development. It can be considered as the objective 4.