Section: New Software and Platforms


Keywords: Performance - Computer architecture - Debug - Tesla ISA - GPU - Profiling - CUDA - HPC - Simulator - GPGPU

Scientific Description: Research on throughout-oriented architectures demands accurate and representative models of GPU architectures in order to be able to evaluate new architectural ideas, explore design spaces and characterize applications. The Barra project is a simulator of the NVIDIA Tesla GPU architecture.

Barra builds upon knowledge acquired through micro-benchmarking, in order to provide a baseline model representative of industry practice. The simulator provides detailed statistics to identify optimization opportunities and is fully customizable to experiment ideas of architectural modifications. Barra incorporates both a functional model and a cycle-level performance model.

Functional Description: Barra is a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) architecture simulator. It simulates NVIDIA CUDA programs at the assembly language level. Barra is a tool for research on computer architecture, and can also be used to debug, profile and optimize CUDA programs at the lowest level.

Release Functional Description: Timing model Tesla-like architecture model Fermi-like architecture model New per-PC control-flow divergence management Simultaneous branch and warp interweaving Affine vector cache

  • Participants: Alexandre Kouyoumdjian, David Defour, Fabrice Mouhartem and Sylvain Collange

  • Partners: ENS Lyon - UPVD

  • Contact: Sylvain Collange

  • URL: http://barra.gforge.inria.fr/