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Section: Highlights of the Year

A day for Marc Lenoir

A day entitled Un Lenoir... ça Marc... donc ça se fête was organized at ENSTA on June, 23th, and gathered about 60 people. This day was intended to make a festive tribute to Marc Lenoir for his role in what has become the Applied Mathematics Laboratory of ENSTA (including POEMS). Two scientific talks have been given by longtime friends of Marc: Michel Crouzeix (University of Rennes) and Jacques Rappaz (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland). The other talks, which emphasized the scientific and human qualities of Marc, were given by four former students: Nicolas Salles, Eric Lunéville and Christophe Hazard (all from POEMS) and Nabil Gmati (LAMSIN, Tunis).