Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

International Research Visitors

  • 2 month visit of Tarcisio F. Maciel (Federal University of Ceará, Brazil), working with Leonardo Sampaio-Cardoso on Radio Resource Allocation for Multi-User Communications: Background and Initial Perspectives for Joint Research on Resource Allocation & Massive MIMO.

  • Visite and Talk of mme. Tarniceriu Technical Univsersity "Gh. Asachi" of Iasi in june.

  • Visit and Talk of Mischa Dholer (King's college london) and Visa Koivunen (Aalto University, Finland) for HDR of Claire Goursaud.

  • Visit and Talk of Gerhard Kramer (Technical University of Munich) for the PhD defense of Victor Quintero.

Visits to International Teams

Sabbatical programme

Samir M. Perlaza is currently on Sabatical year at Princeton University since July 2017.


  • Clarissa Arraes Herculano, INSA Lyon, from Apr 2017 until Aug 2017.

  • Romain Fontaine, Inria, from Jun 2017 until Jul 2017

  • Fatimazhra Kninech, INSA Lyon, from Mar 2017 until Aug 2017

  • Ivan Kolodziejczyk, INSA Lyon, from May 2017 until Jul 2017

  • Daniel Krebs, INSA Lyon, from Apr 2017 until Sep 2017

  • Thibaud Vial Nokia, from Apr 2017 until Aug 2017.