Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

International Research Visitors

Visits of International Scientists

  • Marni Mishna (Simon Fraser University) visited the team for one week in January.

  • Emre Sertöz (Max Planck Institute Leipzig) visited the team for one week in November. He worked with Pierre Lairez on applications to algebraic geometry of two tools developped at Specfun: the computations of periods (Lairez's PhD) and numerical analytic continuation (Mezzarobba's PhD, 2011).

  • Karen Yeats (Simon Fraser University) visited the team for a few days in June. She continued a work on bijective combinatorics of words with Frédéric Chyzak. A text is now under writing.

  • Pascal Fong did a Master internship from March to August. Under the supervision of Pierre Lairez and Mohab Safey El Din (UPMC), he studied the numerical computation of the length of plane algebraic curves.

  • Rémy Garnier did a Master internship from March to July. Under the supervision of Alin Bostan and Frédéric Chyzak, he studied existing algorithms to solve linear differential systems for their rational-function solutions.

  • Meissa M'baye did a Master internship from February to June. Under the remote supervision of Assia Mahboubi, he studied the principles of proof assistants and surveyed formalization methodologies for elementary number theory.

Visits to International Teams

  • Frédéric Chyzak and Alin Bostan have been invited by the Erwin Schrödinger Institute (Vienna, Austria) for two weeks, to participate to the thematic program “Algorithmic and Enumerative Combinatorics” http://www.mat.univie.ac.at/~kratt/esi4/.

  • Pierre Lairez visited Felipe Cucker (City University of Hong Kong) for two weeks. The outcome is a strengthened collaboration on the study of the complexity of numerical algorithms. A publication is in preparation: the second part of [10].

  • Georges Gonthier was invited at the Newton Institue, for six weeks, as co-organiser and participant to the Big Proof thematic program.

  • Assia Mahboubi visited Sander Dahmen (VU Amsterdam, The Netherlands) for three days. She has started a collaboration with his team, to obtain formal guarantees of computations for number theory.

  • Assia Mahboubi has been invited by the Newton Institute (Cambridge, UK) for one month. She participated to the Big Proof thematic program.