Section: New Software and Platforms


Keywords: RDF - SPARQL - Distributed computing

Scientific Description: SPARQL is the W3C standard query language for querying data expressed in RDF (Resource Description Framework). The increasing amounts of RDF data available raise a major need and research interest in building efficient and scalable distributed SPARQL query evaluators.

In this context, we propose and share SPARQLGX: our implementation of a distributed RDF datastore based on Apache Spark. SPARQLGX is designed to leverage existing Hadoop infrastructures for evaluating SPARQL queries. SPARQLGX relies on a translation of SPARQL queries into executable Spark code that adopts evaluation strategies according to (1) the storage method used and (2) statistics on data. Using a simple design, SPARQLGX already represents an interesting alternative in several scenarios.

Functional Description: Distributed SPARQL query evaluator

Release Functional Description: - Faster load routine which widely improves this phase perfomances by reading once the initial triple file and by partitioning data in the same time into the correct predicate files. - Improving the generated Scala-code of the translation process with mapValues. This technic allows not to break the partitioning of KeyValueRDD while applying transformations to the values instead of the traditional map that was done prior. - Merging and cleaning several scripts in bin/ such as for example sgx-eval.sh and sde-eval.sh - Improving the compilation process of compile.sh - Cleaner test scripts in tests/ - Offering the possibility of an easier deployment using Docker.