Section: Overall Objectives


The TyReX team aims at developing a vision of a web where content is enhanced and protected, applications made easier to build, maintain and secure. It seeks to open new horizons for the development of the web, enhancing its potential, effectiveness, and dependability. In particular, we aim at making contributions by obtaining fundamental results, by building advanced experimental applications showcasing these results and by contributing to web standards. One fundamental problem of our time is a lack of formalisms, concepts and tools for reasoning simultaneously about content or data, programs, and communication aspects. Our main scientific goal is to establish a unifying development framework for designing advanced (robust, flexible, rich, efficient and novel) web applications.

To tackle our overall goal, we decomposed the problem along three dimensions, each corresponding to a more specific objective and research theme:

  1. models, to deal with the issues of heterogeneous data and application complexity by abstracting away from document formats and programming language syntax;

  2. analysis, verification and optimization; and

  3. design of advanced distributed web application, to address programming in mobile and large-scale distributed systems.