Section: New Software and Platforms


Grenoble AR-Tour based on geolocation.

Keywords: Augmented reality - Geolocation - Smartphone

Functional Description: This application is an AR navigator specifically designed for pedestrians. This application was initially developed during the Venturi FP7 (2011-2015) project and has been updated with our AR framework since then. Between two visually driven AR experiences (at the time, developed by partners), the navigator provides the user with an audio and visual guidance through a pre-defined touristic path in Grenoble. The position of the user is obtained through a fusion of GPS signal (when available), pedometer estimates and a map-matching algorithm exploiting OpenStreetMap. As the GPS signal is poor in several parts of the old city the integration of the pedometer enables the navigator to obtain a sufficiently reliable position estimate, crucial for AR applications and geofencing. Within the application, there are several options given to the user to view the navigation path through the city, ranging from a satellite image of the streets to a vector map. In the navigation pane, the geofences relating to the AR experiences and other points of interest can be seen.