Section: Dissemination


Internal or external Inria responsibilities

  • E.Kazantsev is a memeber of the Local Commission for Permanent Formation of Inria Grenoble - Rhône-Alpes.

Articles and contents


  • E. Arnaud, animation of a "Laboratoire des mathématiques" in Lycée Pablo Neruda (Saint Martin d'Hères), on the subject of math and critical thinking.

  • C.Kazantsev is a member of an IREM group for creation of scientific activities for professional development of secondary schools teachers.

  • C.Kazantsev is the creator and animator of the mathematical club for motivated pupils aged from 8 up to 18 years. 10 meetings for about 20 pupils of 2 hours each have been organized on sunday morning during the year.

  • C.Kazantsev participated in the meeting "Espace Mathématique Francophone" EMF2018, Gennevilliers, October, 22-26, 2018. Presentation of animations and participation in the working group "Étude des processus de vulgarisation".

  • C.Kazantsev participated in the elaboration and planning of the permanent exposition of the "Salle de thé" group at the meeting IHP2020, 30 october, Institut Henri Poincaré, Paris.


  • National events:

    • E. Arnaud, M. Nodet. (Se) tromper avec les chiffres. Colloque "Sciences et esprit critique, interroger les certitudes", Maison pour la sciences, Académie de Grenoble, 8 nov. 2018, Grenoble - intervention in a training days for teachers from Education Nationale

    • M. Nodet facilitated a yearly math club with three secondary schools around Grenoble, aiming pupils to research open projects ("Math en Jeans" initiative)

    • M. Nodet facilitated a workshop about "Math modelling, example with oceanography" for high school and secondary school teachers

    • M. Nodet welcomed schoolchildren for short-time internship and offered a small workshop about oceanography

    • E. Blayo gave several outreach talks, in particular for middle school and high school students, and for more general audiences.

    • Ch. Kazantsev and E. Blayo are strongly involved in the creation of "La Grange des maths", a science popularization center that will be located in Varces (south of Grenoble), which will offer a huge variety of mathematical hands-on exhibits. See http://www.la-grange-des-maths.fr/

    • Ch. Kazantsev participated in the "Fête de la Science", Parvis de Sciences, October, 13.

    • Ch. Kazantsev participated in the "Fille et Maths" day, Decembre, 5, with the presentation of the "La Grange des Maths" center and its activities.

    • Ch. Kazantsev presented the exposition "La recherche se prend au jeu" at the "Culture and mathematical games Salon" by invitation of the Henri Poincaré Institute, Place St Sulpice, Paris, 24-27 May.

  • Public exhibitions

    • C.Kazantsev participated in the "Oriel des Maths" and in the "Forum des associations" with the presentation of the "La Grange des Maths" center and its activities. Varces, March, 11.

    • C.Kazantsev participated at the "Raout de Domène" with the presentation of mathematical animations. Domene, September, 3.

    • C.Kazantsev participated at the "Maths en ville" with the presentation of the "La Grange des Maths" center and its activities. Grenoble, November, 28.

  • In educational institutions

    • L. Debreu gave an introductary lecture on the finite element method at the Ecole des Pupilles de l'AIR (superior mathematics)

    • C.Kazantsev presented mathematical animations to pupils of the Poussous scholl in Varces for about 80 children during 3 hours. Varces, March, 15.

Creation of media or tools for science outreach

  • C.Kazantsev participated in the edition of the Teachers notebooks which explain and advise how to use the "La Grange Suitcases" (sets of mathematical games, problems and animations) destined for primary and secondary schools teachers as well as for the general public.

  • C.Kazantsev participated in the creation of mathematical activities that can be autonomously used by schoolchildren of primary and secondary schools and by the general public.

  • E. Arnaud, in charge of the UGA Idex project math@uga : implementation of a collaborative moodle platform http://math.u-ga.fr to share pedagogical resources within teachers and towards students.

  • E. Arnaud, participation to UGA Idex projects Caseine and data@ugat