Section: New Software and Platforms


Graphite: The Numerical Geometry Workbench

Keywords: 3D modeling - Numerical Geometry - Texturing - Lighting - CAD - Visualization

Scientific Description: Graphite is an experimental 3D modeler, built on top of the Geogram programming library. It has data structures and efficient OpenGL visualization for pointsets, surfacic meshes (triangles and polygons), volumetric meshes (tetrahedra and hybrid meshes). It has state-of-the-art mesh repair, remeshing, reconstruction algorithms. It also has an interface to the Tetgen tetrahedral mesh generator (by Hang Si). This year, Graphite3 was released. It is a major rewrite, based on Geogram, with increased software quality standards (zero warnings on all platforms, systematic documentation of all classes / all functions / all parameters, dramatically improved performances). It embeds Geogram (and optionally Vorpaline) with an easy-to-use Graphic User Interface.

Functional Description: Graphite is a dedicated software platform in numerical geometry that enables, among other things, 3D modelling and texture baking.