Section: New Results

Software Devlopments

Participant : Cédric Doucet.

Improvements in the FRESHKISS3D code Several improvements have been achieved in FreshKiss3D :

  1. installation step is simpler due to the usage of a YAML file listing third-party libraries;

  2. Mac OS is now supported;

  3. continuous integration is performed on Ubuntu 16 and OSX with different compilers (GCC, Clang) and different builds (debug, release);

  4. a major bug in the computation of fluxes has been fixed;

  5. the number of third-party libraries has been minimized (geomalgo, metis4py);

  6. build automation is now based on CMake (instead of Waf);

  7. documentation has been updated and it is now published during the continuous integration process by means of Gitlab pages;

  8. continuous integration has been optimized (better slaves, parallelization)