Section: Highlights of the Year

Highlights of the Year

Human resources

A major event in the year was new positions of J. Sainte-Marie (Détachement at Inria, 2 years position) and of Y. Penel (Advanced Research Position, 3 years position). Two new students have started a PhD (Liudi Lu and Nelly Boulos Al Makary).

Evaluation of the team

This year, the team went through the first evaluation since its creation. The report was very positive, as this excerpt shows:

The activity of the team in modeling and mathematical and numerical analysis has lead to significant contributions in various areas. In particular, we mention the study of models that can reproduce specific ‘dispersive effects,’ observed in nature, or the review of several multi-physics models that incorporate the coupling of heterogeneous systems. The theoretical analysis of the models has often led to the proposal of new algorithmic developments and new numerical techniques and, in general, it has resulted in a significant advancement of scientific knowledge.

Scientific activities There has been major achievements within the team in the framework of dispersive models.

As detailed in Section 10.1, members of the team were involved in the organisation of a substantial number of scientific events, either in the framework of national initiatives or due to the expertise in the field. Members are is particularly involved in the mathematical community.


  • Léa Boittin received the award of the best presentation at GDR-EGRIN summer school in June,

  • Léa Boittin was rewarded by Best Phd Student Poster Award, at CMWR XXII, Saint-Malo,

  • Janelle Hammond received a post-doctoral grant from DIM Math Innov 2018.