Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

International Initiatives

Informal International Partners

Four collaborations with foreign colleagues are to be mentioned:

  • Spain - A collaboration with Spanish researchers has been initiated in 2016 to derive accurate models and effecient algorithms for free surface flows including non-hydrostatic effects. ANGE applied in 2018 to the Inria Associate Team programme in order to strenghten the collaboration.

  • USA A joint work with R. LeVeque (Univ. Seattle) and M. Berger (New York Univ.) consists in modelling the impact of asteroids on the generation of tsunamis.

  • Germany A collaboration with researchers from the University of Constance has been initiated in 2018 about domain decomposition and identifaction algorithms (G. Ciaramella, S. Volkwein).

  • Hong-Kong A collaboration with F. Kwok on time parallelization for assimilation algorithm has been initiated in 2018.