Section: Dissemination


Internal or external Inria responsibilities

  • Nathalie Revol is a member of the editorial board of interstices; she belongs to the steering committee of MMI (Maison des Mathématiques et de l'Informatique, Lyon)

  • Bruno Salvy is “référent chercheur” for the Inria Grenoble Center.

Articles and contents

Nathalie Revol belonged to the working group that elaborated the "7 families of computer science" playcards


Nathalie Revol taught "Dissemination of Scientific Knowledge", 10h, to the 4th year students (between Master and PhD) of ENS de Lyon, France. She has been invited to a panel about "Flashmob" type activities, at ESOF 2018 (EuroScience Open Forum), July 9–14, 2018, Toulouse, France.

Nathalie Revol works with DANE (Délégation Académique au Numérique dans l'Éducation) of Rectorat de Lyon towards educating primary school teachers, by educating educators. She has been invited to present her past activities, using educational robots, at 3es Rencontres Nationales de la Robotique Éducative, October 2–3, Lyon, France.


Laurent Grémy and Fabrice Mouhartem gave talks at Fête de la Science for a general audience. Nathalie Revol gave talks at Fête de la Science for 3 classes (9 years old, 11 years old and 13 years old).

As an incentive for high-school pupils, and especially girls, to choose scientific careers, Nathalie Revol gave talks at Lycée Ella Fitzgerald (Saint-Romain-en-Gal) and Mondial des Métiers (in February 2018). With Jérôme Germoni and Natacha Portier, she organized a day Filles & Info in March 2018, gathering about 100 high-school girls of 1e S. She was part of the panel discussing with the audience after the movie "Les figures de l’ombre - Hidden figures" at Comoedia cinema in Lyon in March 2018.

Damien Stehlé received at ENS de Lyon several winning teams of the Alkindi highschool competition. Alice Pellet–Mary and Fabrice Mouhartem gave talks at this event.