Section: Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry

Bilateral Contracts with Industry

Our current industrial contracts and granted projects are completely at the heart of the Bonus project. They are summarized in the following.

  • Beckman & Coulter (2015-2018, California, USA): the goal of this contract is the strategic and operational planning of large medical laboratories (Phd of S. Faramarzi-Oghani). More exactly, the focus is put on the multi-objective modeling and solving of large (e.g. dozens of thousands of medical test tubes to be analyzed) strategic, tactical and operational problems such as the layout design, machine selection and confguration, assignment and scheduling. The project deals also with the coupling between optimization and simulation for performance assessment.

  • EDF (2015-2019, Paris): this project deals with demand-side management in smart grids with EDF, a major electrical power player in France. The Energy Management System (EMS) in the home receives the market and system signals and controls the loads, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems (HVAC), storages and local generation units according to the user preferences. A large number of home users and appliances and several conflicting objectives have to be considered.

  • ONERA & CNES (2016-2020, Paris): the focus of this project with major European players in vehicle aerospace is put on the design of aerospace vehicles, a high-dimensional expensive multidisciplinary problem. Such problem needs the use of the research lines of Bonus to be tackled effectively and efficiently. Two jointly supervised Phd students (J. Pelamatti and A. Hebbal) are involved in this project.

  • In contact with EXOTEC (2018-2019, Lille): This project deals with the optimization of logistics flows of robots. More exactly, the problem consists in efficient complex scheduling without collision of thousands of missions realized by a fleet of dozens of robots and several operators in a 3D logistics warehouse.