Section: New Software and Platforms


Keyword: Mesh adaptation

Functional Description: FMG is a library deforming an input/reference simplicial mesh w.r.t. a given smoothness error monitor (function gradient or Hessian), metric field, or given mesh size distribution. Displacements are computed by solving an elliptic Laplacian type equation with a continuous finite element method. The library returns an adapted mesh with a corresponding projected solution, obtained by either a second order projection, or by an ALE finite element remap. The addiction of a new mass conservative approach developed ad-hoc for shallow water flows is under way.

News Of The Year: - Development of the Elasticity model to compute the nodes displacement. - Development of a new model to compute the nodes displacement. This mixed model takes the advantages of the Laplacian model and the Elasticity model: a refined mesh where the solution varies a lot and a smooth gradation of the edges size elsewhere. - Extension in three dimension

  • Participants: Cécile Dobrzynski, Leo Nouveau, Luca Arpaia and Mario Ricchiuto

  • Contact: Cécile Dobrzynski