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Section: New Results

Multiscales scheme for the MHD model in a tokamak

Participants : Hervé Guillard, Afeintou Sangam.

Recently, in [21], it is proven that the Reduced MHD equations are a singular limit of the Full MHD system when the inverse ratio parameter goes to zero. In this limit, the toroidal dynamics is almost entirely decoupled from the incompressible poloidal dynamics. From a numerical point of view, in this limit, the propagation of fast magnetosonic waves severely constraints the time step in explicit schemes. A possible remedy is therefore to design a semi-implicit time stepping strategy allowing an implicit handling of the fast waves but retaining an explicit treatment of the slow ones. In this work, we have derived a linear simplified model in two dimensions that retains the main characteristics of the formal passage from the Full MHD equations to the Reduced MHD system. A semi-implicit numerical scheme free of time step restrictions based on the fast wave velocity has been constructed for this model. The extension of this numerical scheme to the Full MHD model is under investigation.