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Section: New Results

Asymptotic Transport Models for heat and mass transport in reactive porious media

Participants : Bruno Dubroca, Afeintou Sangam.

Charrier and Dubroca in [20], have suggested an approach to derive rigously a family of models of mass and heat transfer in reactive porous media. At a microscopic level they proposed a model coupling the Boltzmann equation in the gas phase, the heat equation and appropriate interface conditions, including adsorption-deposition reactions. Then an asymptotic expansion mixing homogenization and fluid limit leads to a system of coupled diffusion equations where the effective diffusion tensors are defined from the microscopic geometry of the material. Open questions paved their work. We solve one of them, consisting in setting adequate conditions on interest models that ensure the uniqueness of solutions of the first order expansion. They are based on the concept of thermodynamically closed in average system.