CEDAR - 2018

Section: Research Program

Exploratory Querying of Semantic Graphs

Semantic graphs including data and knowledge are hard to apprehend for users, due to the complexity of their structure and oftentimes to their large volumes. To help tame this complexity, in prior research (2014), we have presented a full framework for RDF data warehousing, specifically designed for heterogeneous and semantic-rich graphs. However, this framework still leaves to the users the burden of chosing the most interesting warehousing queries to ask. More user-friendly data management tools are needed, which help the user discover the interesting structure and information hidden within RDF graphs. This research has benefitted from the arrival in the team of Mirjana Mazuran, as well as from the start of the PhD thesis of Paweł Guzewicz, co-advised by Yanlei Diao and Ioana Manolescu.