CEDAR - 2018

Section: Application Domains

Computational Journalism

Modern journalism increasingly relies on content management technologies in order to represent, store, and query source data and media objects themselves. Writing news articles increasingly requires consulting several sources, interpreting their findings in context, and crossing links between related sources of information. Cedar research results directly applicable to this area provide techniques and tools for rich Web content warehouse management. Within the ANR ContentCheck project, and also as part of our international collaboration with the AIST institute from Japan, we work on one hand, to lay down foundations for computational data journalism and fact checking, and also work to devise concrete algorithms and platforms to help journalists perform their work better and/or faster. This work is carried in collaboration with Le Monde's “Les Décodeurs”.

On a related topic, heterogeneous data integration under a virtual graph abstract model is studied within the ICODA Inria project which has started in September 2017. There, we collaborate with Les Décodeurs as well as with Ouest France and Agence France Presse (AFP). The data and knowledge integration framework resulting from this work will support journalists' effort to organize and analyze their knowledge and exploit it in order to produce new content.