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Creation of the Team: 2014 July 01, updated into Project-Team: 2015 July 01

Section: Team, Visitors, External Collaborators

Research Scientist

Claudia-Lavinia Ignat [Inria, Researcher]

Faculty Members

Khalid Benali [Univ de Lorraine, Associate Professor, HDR]

Gérôme Canals [Univ de Lorraine, Associate Professor]

François Charoy [Team Leader,Univ de Lorraine, Professor, HDR]

Claude Godart [Univ de Lorraine, Professor, HDR]

Gérald Oster [Univ de Lorraine, Associate Professor]

Olivier Perrin [Univ de Lorraine, Professor, HDR]

Samir Youcef [Univ de Lorraine, Associate Professor]

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Mohammed Riyadh Abdmeziem [Univ de Lorraine, ATER]

Siavash Atarodi [Univ de Lorraine, from Mar 2018]

Chahrazed Labba [Univ de Lorraine, from Mar 2018]

PhD Students

Anis Ahmed Nacer [Inria]

Victorien Elvinger [Univ de Lorraine]

Abir Ismaili-Alaoui [Univ de Lorraine]

Quentin Laporte Chabasse [Univ de Lorraine]

Beatrice Linot [Univ de Lorraine]

Hoai Le Nguyen [Univ de Lorraine]

Hoang Long Nguyen [Univ de Lorraine]

Matthieu Nicolas [Univ de Lorraine]

Guillaume Rosinosky [Univ de Lorraine]

Béatrice Linot [Univ de Lorraine]

Amina Ahmed Nacer [Univ de Lorraine]

Technical staff

Jean-Philippe Eisenbarth [Univ de Lorraine]

Cédric Enclos [Inria, from Apr 2018]

Phillippe Kalitine [Univ de Lorraine, until Oct 2018]

Administrative Assistants

Sophie Drouot [Inria]

Annick Jacquot [CNRS, from Jul 2018]

Sylvie Musilli [Univ de Lorraine]

Visiting Scientists

Valerie Shalin [Wright State University, Ohio, USA, Oct 2018]

Weihai Yu [Artic University, Norway, from Sep 2018]